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Are You Hurricane Ready?

Hurricane season runs from June 1st until November 30th and we want you to be ready for anything mother nature throws at you and your home.

Pre-Hurricane Checklist

Our experienced inspectors will check flashing, seams, decking, insulation and weatherproofing, paying close attention to cracks, chips, buckles, ponding water and missing screws or nails.

Heed all recommendations. Insurance claims may be rejected if it’s proven that damage was avoidable by completing recommended repairs or regular maintenance.

Meet with your insurance agent to review insurance policy terms, deductibles and coverage limits. Consider purchasing property, flood and hurricane insurance.

Review your roof’s warranty and ensure it is up to date. Consider purchasing preventative maintenance package.

Have a professional clean gutters, downspouts and drains so that fallen leaves, twigs, pinecones and even roofing debris do not impede drainage during heavy rains.

Hire a landscaping pro to trim any branches that extend over or near a structure, as well as remove unhealthy trees and limbs that will likely topple during heavy winds.

“Before” photos are critical pieces of evidence in the insurance claims process to help document that a storm caused roof damage, not a preexisting issue.

Remember to secure rooftop hatches and doors like you would any other points of egress in a building.

Hiring a roofer through an annual maintenance plan is a cost-effective method of extending the life of a roof and ensuring potential issues are quickly addressed before they become an emergency.

Post-Hurricane Checklist

Use extreme caution! Always be conscious of downed power lines. Do not get on a wet roof. Call us for a professional inspection.

Determine whether you have extreme damage, heavy or moderate damage, or minor damage.

If you believe you are going to need temporary housing, call your insurance company immediately to understand the options available.

Reach out to us immediately, so you can quickly get on our schedule for a professional inspection.

Depending on the damage, it may be possible to do a repair for less than your deductible. Our trained professionals can assess the likelihood of an insurance company approving a full roof replacement as well as providing valuable information that will be helpful when you talk with your insurance adjuster.

Photos of your roof’s damage can help us before we come out for a proper inspection.

Whether repairing or replacing your roof, we want your roof in the best shape possible.

We Help You Navigate a Roofing Insurance Claim

  1.  Start by Having Your Roof Inspected
  2.  Review Written Damage Assessment
  3.  Speak to an Insurance Adjuster
  4.  Verify Claim Approval
  5.  Have Repairs Done