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Alternative Roofing Solutions provides residential maintenance, roof cleaning, inspection, new roof installation, repair and free estimates for our clients.

M4 Basic Program

This program includes:

  • Annual Inspections (or Semi-Annual if desired)
  • Light Housekeeping/Maintenance
  • Roof Condition Report

M4 More Comprehensive

This program includes:

  • Annual Inspections
  • Maintenance & Repairs to a determined NTE (Not to Exceed $Amount)
  • Inspection Maintenance and Repair Report

Full Service Promise

We provide our customers with the most comprehensive M4 Program offered in the industry today delivering outstanding service and excellent craftsmanship.

We can custom tailor to any need or service - large or small.

Leak Repair - We have capabilities to provide industry leading repair procedures to all roofing systems in the market place such as: gravel surface built up roof systems, modifieds, standing seam, singleplys TPO, PVC.EV, EPDMS, Shingle, Coatings, Slate, Copper hot systems, cold systems, conventional & Irma roof systems.

  • ARS provides a unique service option to provide opportunities to extend the useful life of an existing roof system. We strongly encourage building owners to take a more proactive approach in protecting the total building envelope.
  • Often times building owners have budgeting issues and can�t afford a full roof replacement. A roof recovery system allows the building owner the option to leave the remaining roof system in place and install a new roof system over the existing one.

  • Facilities that have reached the end of their useful life often decide to totally remove the existing roof system down to the substrate. This option is the most common option when the service life has reached its end. One particular advantage to a full replacement is that the existing substrate can be evaluated to determine whether there is a structural issue due to the moisture content in the existing roof system.
  • ARS has the highest quality of product image for all varieties of roofing. Minimizing company liability by using high quality products that have a proven track record in the industry.

M4 Program

Meet for Inspection

The first component of the program is a thorough inspection which provides the client with the pertinent information necessary to make sound and timely decisions. Accurate roof inspections ar a key component to the program. Our inspections are performed by only trained and certified roof inspectors with years of experience. All of our inspectors are trained to follow a strict inspection guideline and procedure which is used consistently across Altenative Roofing Systems. This provides for a consistency in data collection and evaluation. Consisistent Data = Consistent Evaluation.

Manage Through Evaluation

The second component of the program is the roof evaluation which will be used to formulate decisions regarding the repair, restoration, recovering, or replacement of the existing roof systems. It is of critical importance that the proper findings are carefully documented, the documentation is easy to read and understand, and the reports are readily available.

Maintain Reports

The third component of the program si thorough and comprehensive condition reports. The condition reports provided by our staff are just as comprehensive as any report which would be provided by a roofing consultant. Our inspection reports include an executive summary, key maps, CAD drawings, overview photographs, deficiency photographs, deficiency identification including the type and priority, detailed repair specifications, infrared thermograph studies, including materials and method and recommendations. All reports can be sent hard copy in a quality report binder, forwarded via email in a pdf format or reviewed and stored online from our online website platform.


Annual preventative maintenance is the foundation of any M4 program and is a vital part of Alternative Roofing Solutions, Inc.'s M4 program. We have developed a program which caters to our customer's needs nationally or by region. Our programs provide flexibility around customer budgets and what work is to be performed and scheduling when the work is to be performed. Preventative maintenance protects your capital investment by extending the service lif e of the existing roof systems. When propertly designed and executed, a preventative maintenance program also provides for addtional protections to the interior or the building by preventing leaks that damage equipment or finishes, create costly business interruptions, and may cause unsafe working or operating conditions.