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Alternative Roofing Solutions

We assist our customers with managing their exterior building assets with the goal of removing unnecessary costs at every level of the building exterior maintenance process and extending the life cycle of those assets.

Who we are

Alternative Roofing Solutions, Inc. was founded on the belief that the customer deserves quality service and creative solutions for their ever changing roofing needs. We assist our customers with managing their exterior building asssets with the goal of removing unnecessary costs at every level of the building exterior maintenance process and extending the life cycle of those assets.

We see it as our main mission to provide high quality workmanship, higher standards, lower prices, additional options and a better service to the targeted markets. Basic business objective is reflected in everything that we do, which is to contribute a cost effective solution to solving water migration issues that building owners face.

Business Philosophy

By combining experience and know-how ARS will be able to create a high satisfaction level. ARS will use state-of-the-art equipment, hire the best professionals, supply high quality materials as well as provide our clients with an outstanding service.

Leak Repair Service

We have capabilities to provide industry leading reapir procedures to all roofing systems in the market place such as: gravel surface built up roof systems, modifieds, standing seam, sing plys-TPO, PVC.EV, EPDMS, Shingle, Coatings, Slate, Copper, hote Systems, cold systems, conventional & Irma roof systems.

Roof Recovery Systems

Often times building owners have budgeting issues and can't afford a full roof replacement. A roof recovery system allows the building owner the option to leave the remaining roof system in place and install a new roof system over the existing one. NRCA code will only allow this application over one roof area, should the existing building contain more than one roof system this application is not an option. The underlying cost savings is demolition costs and the labor associated with the demolition of the existing roof system.

Roof Replacement

Facilities that have reached the end of their useful life often decide to totally remove the existing roof system down to the current substrate. This option is the most common option when the service life as reached its end. One particular advantage to a full replacement is that the existing substrate can be evaluated to determine whether there is a structural issue due to the moisture content in the existing roof system.

New Construction

Alternative Roofing Systems installs roofs on new construction. We have relationships with building contractors and can install roofs of a variety of mateials and designs.

Commercial Developments

Our strengths are in corporate headquarters facilities and regional offices for national companies. our experience includes high-rise, and mid-rise structures. To date we have realized corporate headquarters, campuses, data and technology centers, hotels, convenience stores, gas stations and retail stores.

Commissioning Services

ARS documents all tests, test seqences, relationships and dependencies between systems. We provide training and we recommend solutions where necessary. ARS's process includes the monitoring, testing, evaluation and documenting of the operation and function of the facility's critical systems airmed to find and correct weaknesses in the design and the construction of the building exterior systems. The commissioning process is usually included at the beginning of a project.

Our advantages

  • Our crews have installed and performed expert repairs on a wide variety of roof systems.
  • Our management staff has over 65 years of experience
  • We help customers find the best solution for their needs.